WQC Associate Director Hongwei (Henry) Xiong leads physicists on hike

The new Wilczek Quantum Center (WQC), in ZJUT's Pingfeng campus, is within easy distance of many natural wonders, including not only the world-famous West Lake and Yellow Mountain (Huangshan) but also even closer mountain scenery.

WQC members, in addition to sharing ideas about quantum physics, often make group excursions for hiking, with WQC Associate Director Hongwei (Henry) Xiong. One recent excursion in late December, 2014, was so enjoyable that members continued on beyond the usual two-hour hike to explore nearby scenery for four hours.

WQC Associate Director Hongwei (Henry) Xiong was born in the mountainous west of China's famous Sichan Province, so his interest in climbing mountains may originate from an early age. Other WQC hikers on this excursion come from many other parts of China, symbolizing the cosmopolitan character of WQC. Yang Yang is the only hiker originally from Hangzhou (Zhejiang Province.) Xianqing Lin is from Shandong province, closer to Beijing. Qi Zhang is from Liaoning province, north of Beijing, on the seacoast. Xuguang Yue comes from Hubei province.

Other WQC members who missed going on this hike give an even wider range to the backgrounds behind young scholars working in quantum physics in Hangzhou. All would agree that a hike up one of Zhejiang's mountains makes a welcome break from theory to exploring the relationship of potential and kinetic energy.

WQC hikers, December 2014, on mountain near ZJUT

WQC hikers enjoying their hike up a mountain. From left to right: Xianqing Lin, Yang Yang, Hongwei (Henry) Xiong, Qi Zhang, and Xuguang Yue.

Map of 4-hour hiking trail near WQC

Most hiking expeditions from WQC take place over two hours, but this particular trip was so enjoyable to all members that they continued hiking for four hours.

Map of China provinces, labeled in English

WQC hikers come from many different parts of China. They are united not only by an interest in quantum physics but also by their enjoyment of many different aspects of life in Zhejiang Province.